The Film Forum bathrooms become a new gallery space


“Interview Me” – Sound Installation by Artists Curry/Dillon

Throughout December and January,  the Film Forum will be hosting a sound installation entitled Interview Me (excerpt) by artists Laura
Curry and Lori Dillon.  In July 2010 in an empty office space on Capitol Hill, Curry/Dillon interviewed about a dozen strangers (and a few friends) who answered an anonymous ad.  All interviewees were asked the same question and given a time constraint.  Interview Me – which will be installed in the two bathrooms at the Film Forum – presents the interviewees’ unedited responses.

The evening-length version of Interview Me is an interactive multi-media experience using pre-recorded and real-time audio and video playback, live performance, and installation challenging the framework definitions and histories of “an interview”. The complete work will premiere at Northwest Film Forum as part of the Live at the Forum series on September 15 – 17, 2011.

About Curry/Dillon
Curry/Dillon are Seattle / NY artists who have presented several multi-disciplinary, interactive works in a variety of venues, from theaters to public spaces.  They have received several grants and honors for their work, including most recently a 2011 City Artist Award.  This installation
project is generously supported by RD Merrill/SRM Development Companies, Robert Stumberger, and 4 Culture.


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