A Top Ten for Cats in Cinema


The spirit of the Top Ten holiday list should probably be a reflection on the past year. Sorry to say, but the films in my top ten have very little to do with 2010. I present to you for no good reason a reflection of my favorites for Cats in Cinema. The ordering is a little haphazard. Hopefully some of these films will make your top ten list of movies to watch in 2011.

  1. Rubin & Ed: This is actually on my top ten to watch in 2011, having been alerted to its existence by my coworker. Written by Trent Harris and starring none other than Crispin Hellion Glover. Glover is joined on a trip through a desert by a pyramid scheme salesman for the purpose of finding a location to bury a frozen cat.
  2. Milo & Otis: A childhood classic. Presenting an epic and surprisingly emotional journey of a cat and dog with all of the class and subtlety absent from Homeward Bound.
  3. Cat People: Classic horror from Tourneur.
  4. Batman Returns: Definitely one of my top ten for Michelle Pfeiffer roles.
  5. Pet Sematary: Zombie cats! Zombie boys! Thank you Stephen King.
  6. Hausu: There’s a lot going on here, not just killer cats. But still, there are some great moments.
  7. Felidae: German cartoon noir about cats.
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Featuring famed cat actor Orangey in a supporting role as “Poor Slob without a Name.”
  9. The Lion King: Do big cats count? I think so…
  10. Patty-Cake Cat You Tube video: Just to make things 2010 relevant, here’s a favorite clip from the past year –

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