Critic’s consensus on HIROSHIMA: It’s weird, but it’s good


“Cinematically ambitious yet divertingly entertaining…an illuminating experiment in straining the very logic of films. The result is a wacky version of a certain kind of hybrid movie from cinema’s transition era from silence to sound, films in which sound was used expressively (even perversely) by the likes of Rene Clair and Alfred Hitchcock. “Hiroshima” is nothing less than trippy classicism.” —Seattle Times

Pure joy…the anticipation of each new image engages us more completely than any hackneyed storyline. Visually addictive” —Seattle PostGlobe

“A long and delightful music video that has successfully risen to the condition of cinema. Pablo Stoll’s movie has a lot in common with Kanye West’s Runaway.” —The Stranger

Make a plan to see it!


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