Uncle! Uncle!


Five reasons to come see My Uncle at the NWFF, where it’s playing daily through Thursday as part of the Children’s Film Festival:
1. Jacques Tati was the Buster Keaton of France.
2. It was very considerate of Tati to make this English language version of his masterpiece Mon Oncle (which won the 1958 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film) for those of us too short to read subtitles.
3. The mid-century modern design is to die for.
4. Mon Oncle has an 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (higher than Inception‘s!).
5. I need someone to tell me why I keep having dreams about that fish fountain.


2 Responses to “Uncle! Uncle!”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Sounds great…and looks great too! Have you seen The Illusionist? (not the Edward Norton junk, the new movie)

  2. Pam Inglesby Says:

    I just saw it! What a lovely tribute to Tati. And the “Mon Oncle” cameo was a fun surprise.

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