The “Heartbeats” poster…


…makes the movie look like a Morrissey biopic, no?  No such luck, but the plot doesn’t sound too far off:

Three To a Bed, But No Funny Stuff

Nicolas (Niels Schneider), an elusive dreamboat, is an extremely pretty, faintly androgynous visitor to Montreal, where he is simultaneously pursued by a young man and woman.

With his chiseled features, full lips and corona of dark gold curls, Nicolas becomes the instant object of desire of Marie (Monia Chokri), a chilly fashion-conscious young woman who reveres Audrey Hepburn, and of her earnest gay friend, Francis (Mr. Dolan), who meet him at the same party. The two spend much of the rest of film slyly pursuing Nicolas, while trying to gauge his sexual orientation, about which he is cagey.

via NY Times

Heartbeats opens at Northwest Film Forum on March 18.


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