New class just announced: “The Exiles” Screening & Discussion with Thom Andersen


Join visiting filmmaker Thom Andersen on Sunday, March 27 from 12-3pm for a screening and discussion of The Exiles (1961), Kent Mackenzie’s portrait of a Native American community living in downtown Los Angeles.

Says Andersen of the film, “The Exiles is still an inspiration to me because of its patience, its modesty, and its generosity. It tries to be as radical as reality, and thus it reveals more than what its makers could know or say.”

During his visit to the Film Forum, Thom Andersen will also be presenting a lecture after a screening of his work Get Out of the Car on March 29 at 7pm.

Read more about the entire series The Formal Life of Thom Andersen here.

And don’t miss these other upcoming workshops with visiting filmmakers (click here for full info & to register):

Pinhole Cinematography with Thomas Comerford
Visiting director!

Sunday, April 3, 10am–1pm
Instructor: Thomas Comerford
Tuition: $35/WigglyWorld members, $40/general
Max Attendance: 10

Pinhole (Camera Obscura) imaging has had a long, storied history in the practice of painting and still photography. But very few artists have attempted to make pinhole images on motion picture film. This class will cover some methods and approaches to adapting a 16mm camera for pinhole image making and culminate in each participant creating a pinhole and using it to shoot some footage on film. Topics will include: viewing and discussing pinhole films; drilling and measuring pinholes; and exposure concerns (filmstock, lighting and shutter speed). Participants will also receive a copy of Comerford’s “Pinhole Notes” a self-published ‘zine which discusses the techniques he used for his Cinema Obscura series (1997-2002).
See the films of Thomas Comerford on Saturday, April 2!

Experimenting with the Documentary Form: An Afternoon with Filmmakers Pam Minty & Alain LeTourneau

Visiting directors!

Sunday, April 10, 12–3pm
Instructor: Alain LeTourneau & Pam Minty
Tuition: $12/WigglyWorld members, $15/general
Max Attendance: 25

The tradition of documentary is as old as cinema itself. Early experiments in cinema showed an interest in simple documentation of events. Those events could be as monumental as bridge building or as mundane as a family having breakfast. While the content of documentary has continued to cover everything under the sun, the formal approach has, by commercial and mainstream practice, solidified into a rigid form expressed by use of expert testimonials underscoring B-roll images. All the while, a vibrant legacy of documentary makers has continued to explore formal structure in myriad ways that include the viewer as an active participant in the creation of meaning.

Pam Minty and Alain LeTourneau, whose film Empty Quarter will be screening for one week at the Film Forum, will discuss their new project, and share clips from other contemporary documentaries that have served to inspire, inform and renew their love of filmmaking. Come prepared to view and discuss the works being presented.

Notions of Time and Space: Science and the Cinema
Tuesday, May 17, 6–9pm
Instructor: Jeanne Liotta
Tuition: $20/WigglyWorld members, $25/general
Max Attendance: 12
For artists in all fields, Jeanne Liotta offers an illustrated lecture on the scientific themes in her artistic research. Her presentation be a tour through short films and clips providing insight on what it means to live inside space/time. Subjects include tectonic plates, binocular vision, chronophotography, force-lines, light sensitive emulsions, heat-sensitive cameras, non-metaphors, poetic facts, interpreted data, the scientific imagination, and the virtual sublime. The class will witness strategies and clips from Jeanne’s own practice and of works by Etienne-Jules Marey, Ken Jacobs, Jean Painleve, Peggy Ahwesh, Semiconductor, and NASA.


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