Los Angeles Plays Itself: The Game


Can you guess what movies Thom Andersen uses to illustrate the following ideas in his smart and playful video essay, Los Angeles Plays Itself? (Hint: Here’s a list)

“Through Union Station’s corridors and grand lobby have passed gangsters, drug dealers, political protesters, munchkins, even an alien in heat disguised as a railroad conductor.”

“Whenever the legitimacy of authority comes into question, Hollywood responds with disaster movies. And whenever there’s a disaster movie, there’s George Kennedy.”

“One of the glories of Los Angeles is its modernist residential architecture, but Hollywood movies have almost systematically denigrated this heritage by casting many of these houses as the residences of movie villains.”

“The best films about Los Angeles are, at least partly, about modes of transportation. Getting from place to place isn’t a given.”

“During the youth gang hysteria of the ’80s, the stoically heroic cop made a comeback, and urban movie violence turned toward the apocalyptic.”

“Silly geography makes for silly movies.”

LAPI isn’t available on DVD, so if you want the answers you’ll have to come on over to the NWFF Sunday night at 7:00.


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