Seeing the “Light”


If you saw Tom McIntire’s Greenspoke at the 2009 Tacoma Film Festival, then you didn’t see it. Huh? To clarify, you couldn’t watch the short in the way originally intended by its writer/director. Besides the inescapable drop in visual quality when downconverting his high-definition footage to a DVD format, theater projection shifted the film’s overall color away from the tones McIntire (who also edited) had worked to achieve.

As the names Greenspoke and his newest work, What Light, suggest, this filmmaker places a strong emphasis on the interplay between shadow, light and color (and what is color but light emitted at different wavelengths?). He received a degree in studio art from Arizona State, and understands that decisions regarding contrast or composition will affect the final impact and meaning of each piece.

McIntire displays an eye for memorable visuals in What Light. Borrowing its title from Romeo and Juliet, the story concerns a woman who wakes up in a variation of Shakespeare’s tale. The director found part of his dreamscape in a very real (and apropos) place: Seattle’s Lighting Supply, Inc. He loves the building’s industrial beauty: “If you’re in Seattle at night,” McIntire says, “it’s actually kind of fun to drive by there, because the whole place is just lit up.”

With “ninety-five percent” of the project wrapped, McIntire is busy on – what else – color correction. For more updates, follow What Light on Facebook.


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