We’re selling booze!


And here’s the press release to prove it:

Northwest Film Forum Announces Beer & Wine Sales

The Seattle nonprofit cinema has been approved for a liquor license and plans to begin selling beer and wine during evening movie screenings and events beginning Friday, April 22.

Seattle, WA — Northwest Film Forum will soon be selling beer and wine! The Capitol Hill film arts center recently received a Nonprofit Arts & Entertainment liquor license and intends to sell alcoholic beverages every evening during box office hours beginning April 22, 2011. The cinema will continue to be open to filmgoers of all ages.

Says Executive Director Lyall Bush, “Acquiring a liquor license will make the Film Forum that much more a forum, a place where people can gather, linger and talk. We encourage people to come early or stay after a movie, meet up with friends and discuss what they’ve just seen.”

Adds House Manger Ilana Holmes, “We’ve always served beer and wine for special events with event-specific banquet permits. The liquor license helps us make every night special.”

The Film Forum plans to offer a house red and white wine, with a higher-end selection of red, and three choices of beer. Says Holmes, “As much as possible we will focus on Washington and Oregon breweries and wineries. Once we get settled we plan to change the menu quarterly and make connections with what’s playing in the cinemas.”

Over time, the organization will make adjustments in their lobby to better accommodate patrons who choose to arrive early for a drink. A plan for bench seating and cafe tables is in the works, among other updates.

Film Forum programs will continue to be open to all ages, with the exception of some special events. Details about what kinds of drinks are permitted in the cinemas are still being worked out before the first day of alcohol service.

The first night of alcohol sales will coincide with the opening night of Bummer Summer, with filmmaker Zach Weintraub in attendance. Bummer Summer was the jury prizewinner of last year’s Local Sightings Film Festival.


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