72-Hour Film Contest Hits Tacoma


We all have that filmmaker inside us, tapping on the walls of our skulls and pleading for release in patient tones. This time of year, however, the polite knocking turns into an incessant pounding, as less than three weeks remain until The Grand Cinema’s 72-Hour Film Competition rolls into a town near you. The theater urges you to “Free Your Inner Indie”…but better step on it. The contest allows only so many teams to register, and as of this writing 11 slots remain.

OK, my Indie wants out, you say. I’ll sign up online, right? Wrong! Take your car, hop on the next Light Rail, do whatever you can and get to The Grand like lickety and add your name in person. And don’t forget the $50.00 entry fee. Payment gets you 4 complimentary passes to the May 6 Viewing Party, where yours and other shorts will light up the Rialto screen.

With signup completed, now you just count the days until The Grand beckons you back to its halls to receive instructions on Thursday, April 21. And three exhilarating, excruciating, sweat- (and most likely) rain-drenched days later, you and your faithful crew birth a new film into the world.

Congratulations…it’s an Indie.

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