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Another late addition to the calendar

June 26, 2009

In addition to the Michael Jackson Tribute, we’ve also added a special late-night program:

Family: A Webisodic Program

Terisa Greenan, Seattle actress and filmmaker, has created Family, a comic web series on the topic of polyamory. Family is an episodic tale of alternative love. Set in Seattle, the show follows the lives of Gemma, Ben & Stuart, 30-somethings living together in a polyamorous triad. The series is presented in 5-7 minute episodes viewed exclusively at online video portal sites like YouTube. The episodic story is loosely based on Greenan’s own poly life with her two male partners. Greenan has posted fifteen episodes online since November 2008, and this 100-minute feature is a compilation of those episodes, edited to fit our time slot.

Terisa Greenan and Family the web series have been profiled by The Seattle Times, KOMO 4 news, and Newsweek magazine. Family the web series has also been included in the Kisney Institute’s library, for its groundbreaking treatment of polyamory in entertainment media.

Tickets and more info here:

(By the way, thanks to my Brown Paper Tickets weekly email of new events, I also learned of a screening of Calamari Union at the Georgetown Ballroom. This is all I know. But if you missed the movie at our special sold-out work-in-progress screening, I highly recommend it.)