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Historic photos from Seattle’s “film row”

November 21, 2008

Yesterday I got a call from KING5 news looking for leads on a story they were working on.  The reporter wanted photos of the old Lorraine Hotel, which is now the William Tell apartments in Belltown (and has just been sold).  He mentioned that the hotel once housed the likes of Clark Gable and other Hollywood royalty in its heyday.

According to a similar story in the Seattle Times:

The William Tell, originally known as the Lorraine Hotel, was built in 1925 in the middle of what then was Seattle’s “Film Row.” Major Hollywood studios all had distribution centers in Belltown, where Northwest theater managers would come to preview films and decide which ones to book in their theaters, according to the city’s 2007 historic-resources survey.

Managers, studio representatives and movie stars on publicity tours all reportedly stayed at the Lorraine, then one of Belltown’s few hotels.

Jerry Everard, co-owner of Belltown’s Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, sent over these photos for the story.  Enjoy!