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Grassroots goes for the iconic soundtrack

July 22, 2010

Sounds like the indie film Grassroots, which is shooting in Seattle as we speak, might be following in fellow Seattleite Cameron Crowe‘s footsteps.  Could the Grassroots soundtrack be the iconic movie soundtrack of the 20-teens?

Music Supervisors Announced for GRASSROOTS, Stephen Gyllenhaal Film Shooting in Seattle

July 21, 2010 –



KEXP’s John “John in the Morning” Richards, in collaboration with Amy Lindsey and Alethia Austin, will put a unique musical stamp on GRASSROOTS soundtrack

SEATTLE – KEXP’s John Richards, one of the most influential DJs in the country, has signed to shape the soundtrack of GRASSROOTS, the touching, hilarious true story of Seattle poet and music critic Grant Cogswell’s unlikely 2001 campaign for the Seattle City Council. Aided by newbie campaign manager Phil Campbell, the eccentric Cogswell plunges into deep political waters, running against a powerful incumbent.

As host of KEXP’s enormously popular  “John in the Morning,” Richards has been discovering bands and changing the shape of radio for the last decade. Along with co-supervisors Amy Lindsey and Alethia Austin, he brings a unique sensibility to the film.

“The soundtrack is a love affair with Seattle,” says Richards. “it will be the sound of Seattle 2001, the kind of music Grant would have been listening to, mixed in with some of the best indie bands playing in Seattle today.”

“It’s awesome to have these three working on GRASSROOTS,” says Music Consultant David Meinert, “together they have the unique knowledge and ability to bring the movie the great music it deserves.”

Meinert, founder of Fuzed Music and co-owner of The Capitol Hill Block Party – which gets under way this week – was instrumental in putting the team together.

Shooting continues through early August for GRASSROOTS, with scenes planned at such iconic Seattle music venues as the Re-Bar, where popular local group Mt. St. Helens Vietnam plays an “Election Night” gig in front of a crowd of extras which includes a host of authentic Seattle musicians.

Amy Lindsey is a partner in John Richards Music, which recently supervised music for the documentary THE ROAD TO ISTANBUL. She has a wealth of experience in the music business, having worked at Seattle’s One Reel, Northwest Folklife Music Festival, Bumbershoot, KEXP, and a variety of other large and small music festivals, events and venues.

Alethia Austin has been an independent Music Supervisor since 2006.  Her film credits include The Grand, Garden Party, SQUEEZEBOX!, Flash of Genius, Linewatch, The Great Debaters and The Cursed.

Stephen Gyllenhaal co-writes and directs GRASSROOTS, produced by Peggy Rajski and Michael Huffington, executive produced by Matt Brady of MRB Productions and Brent R. Stiefel of Townie Records, based on the memoir “Zioncheck for President” by Phil Campbell.


JOHN RICHARDS is one of the most influential DJs in the country. As host of KEXP’s “John in the Morning” show for the past decade, John has been breaking bands and changing the way we listen to radio. Due in large part to John’s popularity and his eclectic taste for great music, KEXP now has a worldwide Internet audience. John has also worked closely with Gary Gersh signing bands to various labels as an A&R Rep. His recently launched company, John Richards Music, specializes in music curation, music supervision, and music events.

AMY LINDSEY has a wealth of experience in the music business, having worked at Seattle’s One Reel, Northwest Folklife Music Festival, Bumbershoot, KEXP, and a variety of other large and small music festivals, events and venues. She is a classically trained pianist with a master’s degree in music. She currently works as a partner in John Richards Music and with her own company Amy Lindsey Productions.

ALETHIA AUSTIN broke into the music industry in 2001 working in artist marketing, licensing, music branding, music journalism and artist management before she became an independent Music Supervisor in 2006.  CBS, VH1, and ESPN are among the notable companies Alethia has assisted with their music licensing endeavors. She has been credited with soundtrack, music supervision and music coordinator roles on films such as The Grand, Garden Party, SQUEEZEBOX!, Flash of Genius, Linewatch, The Great Debaters and The Cursed. She has been invited to speak on panels about music supervision and licensing at music conferences in the United States and abroad.


DAVID MEINERT is the founder of Fuzed Inc, an artist management company, and co-owner of Fuzed Travel, a boutique travel agency specializing in travel for people in the entertainment business. Meinert is also co-owner of the Capitol Hill Block Party, the ‘best little music festival’ on the West Coast with 20,000 people attending annually

KEXP reviews THE MONKS; offers free tickets

November 4, 2008

That’s what makes the story of the Monks both heart-breaking and heartening; entropy is inevitable, but they poured their lives into their musical performances, and that can be heard and felt to this day in ways you may not know until you see Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback.

Read the full review here, and enter to win free tickets!
Screening times and film details on NWFF’s site.

Win tickets to THE GITS from KEXP

June 26, 2008

KEXP has a stack of tickets to give away to THE GITS documentary, which opens at NWFF on July 4 (perhaps you’ve seen the cover of the Seattle Weekly?). Read their blog for entry details and to watch the trailer.
And by the way, it sounds like they really liked the movie:

A documentary made by first time filmmaker Kerry O’Kane, The Gits is a sizzling, tight-as-a-drum, transcendent study of a woman’s incredible creativity, her insanely tragic death, and the way both have haunted and inspired so many for years afterwards. That woman is Mia Zapata, and you will never forget her after seeing the movie O’Kane spent more than a decade creating for her and her band, The Gits. [full review in their blog]

NWFF weekend guests hit the airwaves

June 20, 2008

Today during the 2pm hour, catch RABBIT IN THE MOON producer and subject Chizuko Omori on KUOW’s Sound Focus (formerly The Beat).

Then tomorrow morning listen to PASSING POSTON directors Joseph Fox and James Nubile on KEXP’s Mind Over Matters from 7:30-8am.
Or just come tomorrow at 4pm to see PASSING POSTON and listen to a post-film panel discussion, then stay for RABBIT IN THE MOON, followed by a Q&A with Chizu Omori!