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Lynn Shelton, Exiles on DVD

November 22, 2009

Critic Sean Axmaker reminds us that this week three DVDs of note were released: Lynn Shelton’s Humpday, Lynn Shelton’s My Effortless Brilliance, and The Exiles, with both Sean and Sherman Alexie on the commentary.

Says Sean:

The Seattle independent film scene may not exactly be the buzz of the festival circuit but it is making itself heard. This week, it echoed through the DVD new release rack, thanks to the simultaneous release of Lynn Shelton’s two recent films. But on a more personal (and much more self-serving) note, another Seattle fixture made his DVD debut this week: ME. Yes, I made my long-awaited (at least by me) DVD commentary debut on the Milestone’s superb two-disc edition of Kent Mackenzie’s The Exiles, a forgotten landmark of genuine American independent filmmaking at its most personal and authentic. All kidding aside, this is a remarkable film and a tremendous DVD release, and only my modest participation in the project prevented me from putting it on my upcoming “Best of 2009 DVD” list. More later. First, let me celebrate the home video invasion of Seattle director (and my friend) Lynn Shelton.

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February 5, 2008

It’s super Tuesday, I know…. but there’s till room for film news. Today SXSW released its slate of films and Seattle filmmaker Lynn Shelton‘s latest  MY EFFORTLESS BRILLIANCE is among those films in competition. We screened part of the film back in October as part of Local Sightings, and we’re extremely excited to see how it fares with the crowd down in Austin. Congrats Lynn!