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Red Riding is coming

February 22, 2010

There is some great buzz building for next week’s Red Riding Trilogy, three films from Britain that take place against the backdrop of the 1970s Yorkshire Ripper murders. Word is they are dark, suspenseful, and a definite film “event.”

You’ll have to wait until next weekend to see them all, but meanwhile here’s a making-of featurette with all the right trailer-ness to get you hooked:

Link to Red Riding preview

Find out more about the films and our screening schedule here.


The spring calendar abounds

February 19, 2010

Take a peek at our spring calendar!

How? The calendar is on the premises now, and if you are a member it has probably already been delivered, as usual, to your door.

You can also, of course, view our cinematic buffet and workshop menu online.

Or download the calendar here. (Where you can also find all the spots in town that carry it.)

A sampling of next quarter’s lineup includes the highly anticipated Red Riding Trilogy, our annual ByDesign program, and master classes with visiting directors Naomi Uman, Sterlin Harjo and Barbara Hammer.

Tickets for all movies will be on sale by February 25, and online class registration is available now.