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Coming this weekend: LIVE featuring “too”

March 22, 2010

Tickets are on the move for this one – I suggest you get yours now.

Northwest Film Forum and AmyO/tinyrage are proud to present too, the second
live performance in the inaugural season of “Live at the Film Forum,” a series of commissioned events that stem from and reflect the inherently collaborative and experimental quality of cinema. “too” will be performed at Northwest Film Forum March 25-27 at 8pm.

Choreographed and directed by Amy O’Neal, “too” is an ecstatic interplay of live and recorded
movement performed by dancers O’Neal and Ellie Sandstrom. Drawing inspiration from the
rural/urban divide, karaoke and Japanese love hotels, “too” ruminates on the increasing challenges of human contact in a fractured and complex technological age. The duo interacts with strangers and friends in a cut and paste dance of physical extremes. “too” is an attempted mimicry of memory, an attempt to keep up with the challenges of contemporary life, and an attempt at dance karaoke. The performers have to watch a monitor of the video the whole time in order to keep up
with what is going on.

Previously filmed duets across the US and Japan include on-screen performances by Reggie Watts, Tommy Smith, Melanie Kloetzel, Kathleen Hermesdorf, David Dorfman, Sarah Gamblin, Corrie Befort and 30 more. Ivory Smith and Ollie Glatzer composed the score, with video editing by Michelle Witten.

The Live at the Film Forum debut event of “too” will be the first performance in Seattle by Amy
O’Neal under her new/additional identiy AmyO/tinyrage, who has been co-directing the dance,
music and video company locust for the past ten years. More information about her new company can be found at