About the Northwest Film Forum

Founded in 1995, Northwest Film Forum (NWFF) is a Seattle-based non-profit organization dedicated to becoming the nation’s leading center for film artists. Operating the region’s first and only non-profit center for the film arts, NWFF programs a true cinematheque, embracing film production as well as film exhibition, with two cinemas (46 and 120 seats), film production and post-production facilities and equipment, educational workshop space, filmmaker offices, a film vault containing over 1,000 titles, and a filmmaking library in its new space at 1515 12th Ave. Nearly 1000 members strong, NWFF aides over 250 filmmakers in the production of nearly 80 films, offers more than 60 workshops annually, and showcases the best in American and international cinema, 360 days a year. For more information, see our website.


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